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The 5 signs that indicate he will never leave you!

Trust your man if he has these qualities!


Do you want to embark on the big declarations of love, to propose crazy projects to your man, to be sure that your relationship will not end in a few days or in a few months? Here are some signs that will tell you that the man you like will never leave you.

1 – He loves you all

With him, you do not have to be someone else. It is you he loves, you and no one else, with your qualities and your faults. He likes your (bad) character, your mimicry, your habits, the moments when you moan, all the moments when you smile. You do not always agree but he respects your opinions, you debate. He likes your way of being, your personality. He likes to chat with you, to exchange. In short, you know that with him you can really be yourself. It is a sign of true love and therefore a sign that he will not leave you if you succeed in maintaining this relationship.


2 – It fills you with happiness

Anyone in love wants to please the other. It can go through beautiful gifts like a little dress of your choice or a jewel that you missed, but it can also go through smaller things. It is not because he does not flood you with gifts that you will be able to show everyone that he does not love you. The happiness that he wants to bring you can also pass by small attention in the life of every day. Breakfast brought to bed on Sunday morning, a word slipped on the bus you take to get to work … All these attentions show that he wants only your happiness.

3 – To want too much to please you, he forgets himself

This is the reality when we have in mind that the desire to please the person we love, it happens that we forget ourselves. This is true for both women and men. So if your man sometimes tends to want you too much, going so far as to propose to accompany you to a theater show when he does not like it, you can be sure of his love.


4 – He has plans for your couple

It is not a surprise, if your man loves you, he will have future plans for your couple. These projects are not necessarily marriage or children, everything in its own time. A simple weekend in love can be a project for your couple, even if it’s only an hour away from you in the house of friends gone on vacation. What matters is not the money you will spend to make this trip, it is not its duration nor its distance, it is simply the fact that you will spend a moment together.

5 – He introduces you to his friends and family

One last thing is not the least: a man who loves you and does not want to leave your presents to his entourage. He will probably start with his friends because it often involves less than the family, but he will still be happy to introduce you to his brothers and sisters as well as his parents, uncles, and aunts, etc. So if your man offers you a family meal, do not go running and appreciate the gesture and its meaning. If he did not really like you, if he did not intend to stay with you, there is little chance that he would take the risk of introducing you to his friends and family at home. great full. Because then it’s always complicated to announce a separation to all those people who are dear to him.



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