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Who’s The Best for Defending America?

DJ Trump Vs B Obama

DJ Trump has promised to reduce trade deficits and to reduce debt ratio and increase defence expenditure.

B Obama had promised to implement higher tax rates on wealthy and most importantly to develop heath sector.

But i think that DJ Trump makes a better president than B Obama. Why?

Simply look at the budget for defence expenses.

When compared to the previous presidents before, DJ Trump and B Obama spend more on military and defense.

But in Obama’s defence, he was able to eliminate Osama bin Laden who was at that time the biggest threat America faced. But later he decided that the US will windthrow from Iraq war. Some were impressed by his decision as he received Nobel Peace Price for that.

But was that a good idea? We got the answer soon enough as the threats arose again as 3 years later ISIS had made their appearance.

Was that worth the cost?

Even after ending the Afgan and Iraq war, did you see a reduction of annual military spending? I don’t think so as it was $800 billion was spent in 2014 alone.

Obama also took measures to reduce nuclear strength by 10%. His use of anti-military actions to reduce nuclear war threat was appreciated by many. But not many were much satisfied with the nuclear peace agreement with Iran. It was the best interest for Iran.

But what about America?

Luckily, Trump had the brains to pull out AMERICA FROM THAT DEAL!

We all know that with decisions such as limiting illegal migrants in the US, building the wall, signing a deal with N.Korea which definitely no one thought possible and developing the country and it’s resources, makes DJ Trump one of the most inspiring presidents of all time.!


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