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Jason Momoa Would Be The Next Wolverine?

Hey, Marvel fans! Good News!

Hey, Marvel, I’m not telling you how to run your business. Obviously, they have done this very well for many years, but as a super fan who unfairly likes fantastic castings, I need an article. Jason Momoa attended the Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio. He was asked which character of MCU he would like to play the most, and he selected Wolverine.

Most contracts made by most people do not contain any legal provision preventing them from playing simultaneously with two different superheroes for two different companies.

As far as Momoa is concerned, no one should sweat anxiously during his career. Many actors spend their days in the hope of finding a unique role in a long-term project that fans will adopt. Jason Momoa did not have this problem. He went from Baywatch to Stargate: Atlantis to Game Of Thrones in the extended universe of DC. He also had a role in the upcoming adaptation of Dune. So, whether he becomes greedy or not (the answer will not be), his life goes pretty well.

What exactly is happening with Wolverine’s future is a little obscure. Hugh Jackman played the role of too much fanfare for nearly 20 years, but after the 2017 Logan, he announced that he would resign. The character was not included in Dark Phoenix, but it is obviously too central for the X-Men to never be seen again. How exactly is it presented again is much discussed at Marvel.

I doubt Jason Momoa will end up being a wolf. It would probably be too strange to think about it seriously, but it is interesting to think of one of two possible ways for several reasons.

If Marvel brings Wolverine back, it would be better and more acceptable for the content production studio to be with a completely unknown man who could disappear in Wolverine, or would it be better and more acceptable to look for a big star like Jason Momoa, provoke him agitation with him?

I prefer Jason Momoa’s approach, especially because the last thing in the world I want to see is someone who makes a lame impression of how Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine. A Wolverine Momoa would not look like Hugh Jackman’s version, and I like that incredibly well. So, someone is surprised by this answer. If it’s not the actor himself, this usual way is to go with a huge name that looks and speaks quite differently from Jackman, a great way to move on.

Would it be wise to bring Momoa to MCU?

Let us know down in the comments.


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