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Nintendo does not plan to introduce a new Switch during E3 2019


Nintendo It seems I’ve heard about all the rumors surrounding the Switch Pro and the Switch Lite. Taking advantage of an interview in Osaka, the CEO of the company has declared that he does not intend to present a new console during the next edition of E3.

Several weeks have passed since the sources mention the next launch of a new console signed by the hand of the brand.


Far from being mere rumors, these rumors have been certified as accurate by several publishers, such as the Nikkei or Bloomberg.

There is no new switch in E3 2019

More crazy, have not hesitated to make predictions about the release date of the new switch, a date in October according to Nikkei and June according to Bloomberg.

On the other hand, not everyone agrees with the nature of this future console. Some evoke the release of two different models located at the top and at the entry level, but Bloomberg wait For its part, the launch of a Switch Lite specially designed for children and less cautious users.

Nintendo, for its part, obviously did not confirm anything. In fact, it is exactly the opposite, as Shuntaro Furukawa, CEO of the company, made it clear to Osaka in front of a crowd of journalists that Nintendo had no intention of introducing new consoles during E3 2019.

In fact, the brand prefers to focus on its juicy licenses and the alignment of the coming months, which can be easily understood.

A Switch Lite in ambush?

Here, the program promises to be loaded. In addition to the new version of Super Mario Marker, a new Pokémon and a new Zelda are expected for the next months. Titles that fans, no doubt, will not fail to launch as soon as they leave.

Now, it is important to bear in mind that while the Nintendo CEO has indicated that he does not intend to reveal new switches during E3 2019, he did not say they were not planned. to the program. Hope is still allowed. Especially since Nintendo is used to deny all rumors, even when they are true.

Suntaro Furukawa also made it clear that his engineers were constantly working on new hardware.



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