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How to break up with your girlfriend clean – Do it like a man!

break up with your girlfriend clean

Breakups can be a hard pill to swallow. But when things are not working out between two individuals, the best thing to do is growing apart. But if you are in a romantic relationship with your girlfriend, it is best if you break up clean with her. To break up with your girlfriend clean means to address issues that are not compatible with each other and wipe the slate clean so there are no hidden agendas, secrets, and grudges against each other.

There are many reasons why you think things won’t work out with your girlfriend. Among the many reasons, here are a few; work, family, mental status, health, and character. These are the most common reason why a relationship ends typically. When one or more of these factors clash with your relationship with your girlfriend, the best approach is to break up clean.

Ways to break up with your girlfriend clean

End it face to face

Today, in this modern world, breaking up can become a nasty act. When you want to break up with your girlfriend, do it the right way. These days most of us break up in very absurd manners such as putting “Single” status on Facebook, updating a story on Instagram, SMS, or an instant message. Your girlfriend was ‘yours’ when you were in the relationship. Therefore, it is best if you meet up with her and handle it face to face once and for all. It will clear a lot of things and make things easy for the future as well.

Be honest

When you are breaking up with your girlfriend, make sure, to be honest. You were in a relationship, after all. It would be fair for her to learn why it is ending. Speak to her and present the reasons as to why the relationship cannot continue in a way she does not get hurt. Well, it is very unlikely that she doesn’t get hurt, but try. It is better to break up with your girlfriend clean and honest.

Wait for a good time

One of the worst things to do in a breakup is to do it at a very wrong time. Her birthday party, New Year’s Eve, or Christmas dinner, are NOT the time to break up with your girlfriend. Do not break up with your girlfriend during an auspicious and festive time. It will spoil the entire day for her and you.

Another thing to watch is not to embarrass her in front of people. Do not go for a ‘public’ breakup. She was your ‘private’ girl. Hence, finish the relationship the same way. Do not tell her the faults and downfalls of the relationship when you are with your friends. It will only create hurt and grudge.

Do not compare

There may be times that you find someone more compatible. And there may be times that you think someone else is better for you than your girlfriend. But that does not mean you compare her to someone else. It is generally very hurtful to be compared and to know you are not good enough. Therefore, even if you want to compare, hold your tongue.

Relationships begin and end every single day. But as a man who listens to the conscience, make sure to break up with your girlfriend clean if you must end a relationship.


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