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Her mild-mannered husband becomes a sexual predator in his sleep

Tim was diagnosed with sexsomnia in his case, which means he is trying to have sex when he is sound asleep with his wife Amanda.
The camera in Tim and Amanda’s house will record Tim’s behavior in the bedroom. Other acts of sexsomnia perpetrated by sleepwalkers have no control over what they do. They are guided by a basic instinct for Tim, 33 years old. the night

diagnosed with sexsomnia a few months ago, he tries to have sex with his wife Amanda while he is sound asleep.

Tim and Amanda have been married for four years and wake up every morning in amazement. Will Tim and Amanda have another quiet night watching the cameras with the sexsomnia episode they’re afraid of?

Tim, like other sexsomnia acts, does not remember what happened last night and seems to be completely out of place every day. Amanda says Tim is soft and sensitive to water. At night, their behavior can be aggressive and predatory. Tim’s doctor, one of the leading sleeping experts in Canada, asked to see our video. Never before had I seen a case of sexsomnia unfold on the screen.

Seven years ago, Amanda suffered a postnatal depression affected by her sex life, although her sexsomnia arose years ago.
Amanda now has the evidence she needs to show Tim for the first time.How she behaves with her while she sleeps.

Tim is surprised by what he sees, but unfortunately for Amanda, it is an experience he has experienced many times over the years.

Tim has also received expert help for three sexomnia today, is still surprised by the images and is worried about a mansion and hopes the doctor can give him an idea.
Medications were prescribed to Tim to keep him in a deeper sleep and there were fewer nocturnal incidents. Amanda says that she will also go to the consultation with him.


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