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The Hidden Reason Jon Left Ghost Without Saying Goodbye (Ghost Explained)

Ghost is a fan favorite in Game Of Thrones but in season 8 episode 4, Jon Snow leaves Ghost, sending him north of the wall with Tormund. Fans like myself wish he gave him a good pat and said goodbye but could the Direwolves story foreshadow Jons…much like the other direwolves have linked with their respective owner’s journey.

welcome to another one if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones it would mean a lot to Season eight so far is the way they’ve treated ghost. he’s a fan favorite but obviously not an animators favorite. or a directors favorite. I don’t know about you but I’ll be fuming if we find out there was a deleted scene of John giving ghost a proper goodbye giving him a good pattern. that and they didn’t include it he’s a good boy and he deserves better. even I is goodbye to her dire wolf Liberia was more sentimental than John’s to ghost with her that’s not you. echoing her that’s not me to Gendry in the latest episode as well out of all the dire Wolf’s the Starks found in the first ever episode ghost is one of the last standing and one who’s managed to stay by his musters side for most of the time he even got it John’s dead body for God’s sake. anyway so far the fate of each individual dire wolf has kind of reflected or foreshadowed the story of their respective owner in some way. could John’s sending ghost away give us an indication so what happens to John in the final two episodes.

 let’s look into it in the Song of Ice and Fire books the connection between the dire wolves and the stark children is a lot deeper than portrayed in the TV show. if I remember correctly all of the Starks could walk into their dire wolves even if it was just in their dreams. george RR martin included them in his story for a reason and they were an integral part of the show or at least they were in the first few seasons.


the gray wind was Robb Stark’s dire wolf a gray wind followed robbing his bannermen through battles from Harrenhal to River and before the two became casualties of the red wedding in a final act of mockery the Frey soldiers sewed the direwolf’s head onto Rob’s body and propped on a horse lovely


 shaggy dog helps bran and Rickon escape from Winterfell when fear took it all those years ago when Brown went north of the wall he sent Rick on and rickles direwolf shaggy dog to the last hath to stay with the embers for protection. however when the Bolton’s declared themselves wardens of the north the numbers showed their true colors sending shaggy dogs head to Roose Bolton to show their allegiance we all know recomm fell at the Battle of bastards not too long later following in the footsteps of shaggy-dog


lady was Sansa’s direwolf who was killed and the order of King Robert Baratheon he was under a lot of pressure from Cersei at the time after Joffrey was Benedict I was bitten after having a sword fight with iron a baker’s son way back in season one we know that obviously, Sansa hasn’t followed su and Sansa hasn’t died like lady however it could be argued that when lady was killed so was the innocent Sansa Stark signifying the beginning of her path to becoming the switched on politically sound leader that she is today

bronze wolf summer was a very good boy until his last breath protecting Bran while he was in a vision as the night King attacked a three-eyed Ravens tree summer, unfortunately, fell at the hands of the dead and you could suggest that bran also died as a human as he became the three-eyed Raven at that point and he was no longer bran stark


Nymeria parallels are your story to an extent as after I you made her will flee from King’s Landing to save her life now Maria becomes an absolute badass and the leader of her own Wolf Pack. Nymeria turns down eyes live just as leaders to Gendry. preferring to be a quote-unquote lone wolf taking on the world alone


now on to ghost was the runt of the litter and a search was given to Jon Snow the bastard of the stark children. we now know that John is a Targaryen and not a stark but he still grow up in Winterfell and has start blood on him from his mother Leanna. as Jon now prepares for the last battle he leaves ghost and sends him north of the wall with Tormund. what spin-off that would be by the way by doing this jon is almost banishing the parts of him that belong in the north symbolized by ghost punishing the adventure that he knows and loves for his duty as the rightful king. he doesn’t want to be king and may not end up on the Iron Throne but leaving ghost is essentially cutting himself off from an essential part of his northern spirit to pursue his destiny as Aegon Targaryen. maybe if he does win the throne the final image of the show will be him stroking ghost from the red keep like the good boy he is. hey maybe even give him a tree or something Jon

but metaphorically that is what I think Jon’s sending ghost away was saying on a much deeper level. jon is coming to terms with his whole identity changing and him fully accepting that is visually shown with him saying goodbye to a ghost . Oh we’ll see again just give him a pat or something I’ll adopt you ghost if John doesn’t want you or on the other hand John story could follow ghosts in a lot more of a literal sense so they could win the last war and then John could decide no I don’t want any of this I don’t want to be king I don’t want to be involved in any of it he goes and lives out the rest of his days north of the wall but as we can see all the direwolves stories have kind of had a similar impact for the stories of their own owners do you think we’re gonna see ghosts again in Game of Thrones or even a spin-off show and what do you think’s going to happen to Jon Snow in the final two episodes let me know in the comments down below if you’re excited for Game of Thrones smash that like button subscribe for more and I’ll see you all on my next one


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