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The Top 10 TV Shows Of All Time

1. The Walking Dead

One word: survive. A post-apocalyptic epidemic strikes the United States. Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) comes out of a long coma and stunned to discover a country infested with undead. In this chaos, he will try to find his wife and son. Along the way, he will meet different survivors and together they will have to get by in a country where justice, police, and rules no longer exist. This is one of the most-watched series in the United States, with an average of approximately 14 million viewers per episode! It is so popular that a spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead, currently in production, will be released in August in the United States.

2. Empire

The Empire counterattacks. A former hip-hop star, Lucious Lyon, has become one of the richest record producers in the United States and has even created his label: “Empire Records”. However, he has a serious illness that leaves him little time before he dies. As a result of this news, he must choose a successor among his three sons. So there will be a war between the brothers to inherit the paternal “empire”. At the same time, their mother leaves 17 years in prison and returns with accounts to settle.

Bringing together nearly 10 million Americans for the first episode and about 17 for the last, Empire is a hit in the United States.

3. How to Get Away with Murder

Welcome to the ruthless world of justice! A criminal law professor, Annalize Keating, is as brilliant, charismatic and passionate as unpredictable, dangerous and sexy. Ruthless as a lawyer or as a teacher, she does everything to win. She pleads for all types of criminals, be they violent murderers or simple thieves. Every year, she chooses the best law students to come to work in her office. Except that, this year, a murder will hit their university.

The first season of this soap created by the mother of Gray’s Anatomy and Scandal has gathered nearly 10 million spectators in the United States.

4. Sherlock

A modern detective. Everyone knows Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective always accompanied by his faithful friend, Dr. Watson. What if their adventures were happening today? Impossible, would you say! This is the bet launched by this efficient British series, fast paced and with a frame more than panting. With a perfect Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock Holmes sarcastic and cynical and a Martin Freeman tying in Dr. Watson, the series is very enjoyable to watch. His intrigues are more advanced and sought after than those of his American sister Elementary who shows a Sherlock Holmes in New York crazy and “junky”. Sherlock is, therefore, more serious. It has attracted nearly 10 million viewers in the United States

She is in her third season and her fourth, eagerly awaited by fans, is in preparation.

5. Game of thrones

The iron Throne. Symbol of absolute power, coveted by all the leaders of a world where “the summer can last several years and the winter a whole life”. To obtain this throne, they are ready for anything: betrayals, conspiracies, rivalries, murders. As this war rages, supernatural creatures are at the gates of the Seven Kingdoms.

This is one of the most-watched series in the United States. The last episode of Season 5 brought together a total of 8.1 million viewers, a record for the series! It is very successful and it continues to grow with 2.5 million US viewers for the first season against 7 million for the fifth!

6. Orange is The New Black

You’re going to want to be in prison! In a women’s prison, Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) is incarcerated for transporting money from drug trafficking. She will try to find a place in this place where everyone is caught up in her past and must live together. Tensions, plots and low shots are part, but humor, solidarity, and love are ubiquitous.

7. Gotham

Gotham before Batman, Gotham without heroes. Everyone knows the story of Bruce Wayne aka Batman, the story of a boy who inherited a multinational company and who saw his parents being murdered before his eyes. It is after this tragedy that the series begins. We follow Commissioner James Gordon (Ben McKenzie), who will, despite himself, witness the rise of corruption and fear in his city. We discover the beginnings of Batman’s most charismatic enemies such as the Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) or The Mystery Man (Cory Michael Smith).

The series is in its first season but creates the craze in approaching a Gotham without Batman: it has gathered a little over 6 million Americans.

8. The Flash

The fastest man in the world has a name: Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). The hero is a genius of the scientific police who is desperately trying to prove that his mother was killed by a supernatural phenomenon while his father was incarcerated for murder. One evening, the same phenomenon is repeated with the explosion of a particle factory. That same night, Barry is struck by lightning. Nine months later, when he comes out of a coma, he discovers that he can move and heal himself extremely quickly. However, he is not the only one to have acquired extraordinary faculties during the accident of the factory and some use them for bad purposes. He becomes “The Flash” and uses his powers to fight these people.

After a first season that reached an audience of approximately four million viewers per episode in the United States, Season 2 was announced and confirmed. The events of The Flash echo those of another DC series, Arrow, of which she is a spin-off.

9. Daredevil

A blind lawyer by day, masked hero violent at night. Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) has lost his childhood sight following a chemical accident. This accident did not only blind him, he gave him extremely developed senses. He uses it to watch over Hell’s Kitchen as a masked vigilante.

Far from the punk and nanardesque spirit of Mark Steven Johnson’s 2003 film starring Ben Affleck as Daredevil, this series is darker and more violent. Unlike other movie-themed Marvel superheroes ( Captain America, Iron Man, Thor …),  Daredevil is a series, but an appearance of the character is envisioned in Captain America 3: Civil War. Case to follow.

Available exclusively on Netflix, Daredevil is a great success and opens the doors to new Marvel series, such as Luke Cage or Iron Fist, which will be coming soon on Netflix.

10. Sense 8

Eight people, a vision. These eight people will be mysteriously connected to each other by one and the same vision. As a result, they will be able to read the thoughts of other “connected”, get along, see each other and access the most intimate and secret parts of each other’s lives. The characters will have to adapt and understand the meaning of these new abilities but also hide because an organization tracks them to try to make guinea pigs or kill them.


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