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Why Is The Child In Hands Of The Beggar Always Sleeping?

Real Life “Slumdog

Do not get confused guys, this does not give you the motivation to inspire yourselves. But this is a real story of begger life and scams

I had read an article a couple of weeks ago, (I couldn.t exactly remember the author) and I had the urge to explore the incident reported in Bangkok and Cambodia

We could not believe what we witnessed. The story was indeed true. When you see a begger it is okay to offer food and clothing. But make sure you are not too generous as this will become a motivational factor for the begging industry.

A woman sat near a railway station and I am not sure of her age. Dirty and confused with her head down. She seemed to be in grief. She had a dirty bag lying down in front of her and people passing by threw money on to the bag. Mostly because of the child sleeping at her arms. The baby was seemingly at about 2 years of age was in dirty clothes as well as the mother.

Any passing by person will feel sorry for the poor child, less fortunate and privileged.

Unlike most of the passing people, I did not offer any money as I had known that this was a gang based scam which is widely spread in Asian region.

In the evening, begger hands over the money collected to the gang members and have their fair share, a bottle of VODKA. They usually roll in high-end vehicles wearing luxury clothes. And not many dare talk against them and very few lived to tell the tale.

After a month passed i started noticing the child in the beggers arms seemed odd. It felt like something was wrong. I guessed as far as i am concwerned a baby should cry, sobb or atleast make a movement. But this child does not seemed to be doing any of it.

One day I asked the begger mom “Why does he sleep all the time? Is something wrong with him?” I could see her face was filled with anger and she kept staring at me with crazy eyes and finally screamed “f**k off!”

Suddenly a giant hand was put on my shoulder and I turned back. An old man was sitting there and he pushed me and asked “What do you want from her? Can’t you see how hard she’s got it in her life? Eh?”

Then he threw away some coins in to the begger and left. I’m still confused, i mean like is he a part of the scam? Or just a kind hearted man who was mislead.

Why do i call this a scam? Am i paranod? Wait untill you hear the last of it.

Very next day i called a friend. He was a Romanian with no poroper academic education but has ties with the underground operations. He gave me an insight of the begger industry run by major crime syndicates. The children are being “rented” from alcoholic families or stolen from their parents.

The most pressing matter was “Why is the baby always sleeping?” and finally i got it. He answered giving me a shock of a lifetime.

“The children are being drugged by Vodka or Heroine!”

Who in the right mindset will give heroin or vodka to a baby?

He kept explaining “The Child, so he doesn’t scream. The women will be sitting whole day with him, imagine how he might get bored?

A baby’s body does not able to widthstand the effects of such as vodka and heroine! Sometimes during the work day children die and most certaininly  they are disposed asap.

Disappointed with the situation, I searched the same begger mom in the railway station and I confronted her. But there was a different child and I asked her to show the documents of the child. Surprisingly she ignored me but not the passing passengers. Some accused me of having to lose my mind. They blamed me questioning poor mother and son who have to beg for their living.

Finally when i decided to call the police and when the time they arrived the begger mom and child were already dissapeared. One lesson learnt.

Even though you are kind hearted and you try to help some beggers to make their meal, please think not once but many times!.  This is a real life situation in Asian region more expressingly displayed by the globally awarded movie “Slumdog Millionaire”.

P.S. If you copy this article on your wall or just click “Share”, your friends will read it too. And when you decide again to open your wallet to throw a coin to a beggar with a sleeping child, remember that this charity could cost another child’s life.”



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