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The Gestures of a Man in Love: The Most Discreet and The Most Visible!

In terms of emotion and feeling, more than half of the expression goes through gestures, through body language!

Of course, you have to do this discreetly: if he feels he is not acting in a natural way and you can not decrypt in his behavior. Just take important gestures when you catch them. It is by assembling them that you will know what your man feels for you.

The discreet gestures of a man in love

Obviously, they are also more difficult to perceive, especially when you want to remain discreet. But if you catch your man doing many of these small things, you will have almost no doubt about what he feels for you.

Among these gestures are all the little mimicry, the small reactions. The look, for example, can be considered as one of these gestures. If you like a man he will look for you often, but not necessarily when you can see him.

These are looks that you wear when you’re busy, or when you go in front of him, you’re busy on the phone … Not easy to surprise these looks but it is not impossible. These moments when you will surprise each other will allow you to get closer and express yourself to each other without speaking.

The face offers a lot of these small, discreet gestures that are true ways to know someone’s feelings.

If there is the look there is also a smile. Love makes you happy and when you are happy, you smile. A man in love will have a strong tendency to smile.

And all the more when he looks at you and is moved. A small smile shows just as well his feelings as a toothy smile. Some of these smiles are not easily visible, but you can more easily surprise them than looks.

If a man touches his face regularly when he is in front of you, it can also be a mark of his feelings.

If he passes his hand several times in his hair and the neck if he touches his lips or his ear lobes … These are sensitive areas, often asked to show the love that is worn to someone a.

So inevitably, when we are in front of a person we like, we tend to solicit them ourselves. And they, at least, are easily spotted: they will be made when the man whose feelings you want to know will be in front of you.

In any case, even for the most discreet gestures, remember that you can always ask your friends to take a look for you. Discreetly of course.

Those, you will not have any trouble to notice them, the goal being that you do not miss them. These are actions that are directly intended for you, which are meant to be expressive. So if a man takes your hand in a soft and sensual way, it is because he has feelings for you.

This leaves no ambiguity, especially if this type of gesture is combined with the more discreet gestures we talked about before.

Taking your hand is one of those clear gestures.

Putting your hand in your hair or on your neck is just as meaningful. All the gestures that follow are also important: a hand resting on your arm, on your thigh, on your waist or stomach … If a simple gesture of this kind does not necessarily mean a lot of things, their accumulation is fully meaningless.

And then, a man in love will not only touch you. It will strive to get closer to you in all possible ways. The goal will be to enter your privacy zone. He will look at you, looking you straight in the eye, then take your hand for example. He will try to establish a contact both visual and physical to show you how much he likes you. It is a way of establishing the first intimacy between you.

And all the little touches!

There are also other kinds of gestures, those we call attention. These are all the surprises he prepares for you, the gifts he offers you …

All these little touches that allow him to show you his feelings, in a way other than physical.

There too, do not forget that we give gifts to all the people we love and not only to the woman we really like. So remember, again, to cross the information you have to not misunderstand and deceive you on the feelings of the man you are trying to decrypt.


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