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The best rap battles of Harry Potter fans

The war is launched between the fans of the little wizard, except that the words have replaced the spells. In early January, Flemish Noah Manueva, aka Yung Mavu, only 16 years old, published on YouTube Black Magic, an incredible freestyle rap that goes around the Web. He takes and samples the very famous musical theme of Harry Potter, a scarf with Gryffindor colors around his neck. The rapper delivers the “nigga” (a familiar word that designates a black person in English, editor’s note) all the time, killing his enemies. The prose, the words and the style of the young man seduce. His delirium quickly reaches more than 3 million views on the platform.

A few weeks later, it’s a certain Aero who goes there. The fan defends Draco Malfoy for a full response on the same song. The text is to the glory of the blond wizard and everyone goes there, muggles as well as the little wizard with round glasses: “Potter, you can not do anything, because I burned Hogwarts. ”

Dedication to all my brothers in Azkaban

The battle is not limited to Draco against Harry. For three days, another competitor joined the party to represent Hufflepuff. The house that bears the badger emblem is in dire need of it. She still lost her only champion Cedric Diggory and is arguably the least popular of the four Hogwarts houses. Thibaut 2003 is a regular on YouTube: like his comrades, he takes the theme of Harry Potter and imagines a song in French with floral language, finally quite close to the texts of Booba. This is also the funniest of the three versions with his Hufflepuff where are my guys ?, his Dedication to all my brothers in Azkaban or again I want to go down in history as Harry in the way 9 3/4.

This is not the first time that the saga of JK Rowling inspires rappers or singers. One of the oldest and most successful versions dates from 2009. It staged with humor a battle between Harry Potter and Voldemort. This phenomenon proves once again the power of this franchise that continues to inspire fans even ten years after the publication of the last volume. We are now looking forward to Cho Chang or Luna Lovegood for Ravenclaw’s answer.


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