The beautiful invention of a girl who was afraid of infusions

The beautiful invention of a girl who was afraid of infusions

A Teddy Medi to brighten a difficult everyday life. Ella Casano, a 12-year-old American girl with idiopathic parodiopathic thrombocytopenia (ITP), had this lovely idea to slightly lessen her fear of blood transfusions every six to eight weeks. As South West reports, the girl decided to hang a teddy bear, a Medi Teddy, with the tangle of tubes and pockets necessary for the operation. “When I had my first injection,” says Ella, “I was surprised and a little intimidated by the amount of medical equipment and facilities on my IV. ”

$ 17,000 raised in six days

The hospital staff is immediately moved to the point where mother and daughter quickly launch the patent process of manufacturing and distributing the delicate invention. The Medi Teddy has the function of hiding the child’s infusion bag which contains blood or medication, which instead will find the solace of a teddy bear. The girl was able to count on the help of her nurses to refine her invention and to make it truly useful and usable for thousands of children.

Ella and her mother then created an online kitty on June 9 to raise $ 5,000 for the production of 500 free teddy bears distributed to as many hospitalized children. In less than six days, the girl has pulverized her initial goal by collecting more than $ 17,000 and now plans to create an association to oversee the distribution of these charming cubs through hospitals in the country.


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