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Horrible Things That Can Happen if You Drink Too Much Red Bull

the ads say that Red Bull gives you wings. well according to researchers that’s not all it gives you.

Here to tell you what Red Bull does to your body in 24 hours. so before we get started I have to ask you guys what’s your favorite energy drink. I have to make a confession I’ve never actually tried Red Bull. and to be honest I probably won’t after hearing all these facts.

Red Bull is the drink of choice for people going through intense cram sessions and party animals alike.  however at several past stories even here on i/o that we’ve done involving Jager bombs, the heart attacks will tell you it may not be the best for you.

start off one can of Red Bull was just two hundred and fifty milliliters contains 80 milligrams of caffeine. that is double the amount of your average cup of coffee.

After 10 minutes

upon ingestion, it takes 10 minutes for the caffeine to enter your bloodstream. at that point, your heart rate and blood pressure will begin to rise.

After 14-45 minutes

by 45 minutes you’ll start feeling more alert and have a greater ability to concentrate. which is why people who are studying favorites so much.

After 30-50 minutes

by 50 minutes your body will have absorbed all the caffeine and this is where your liver kicks into gear trying to balance out the levels of just caffeine and sugar in your body.

After one hour

after only one hour the dreaded sugar crash will occur. the caffeine will begin to dwindle as will the sugar leaving you feeling tired and burnt out.

After five to six hours

by 5 to 6 hours in the average human body, the caffeine will have reached its half-life and will be 50% removed from your bloodstream. however, if you have any kind of health problems are a bit on the bigger side or are a woman on birth control you can double this time.

After 12 hours

by 12 hours if you are the benchmark of average health that I’d like to use for these studies the caffeine should be entirely removed from your system. In the span of 12 to 24 hours because most of us consume caffeine on a pretty regular basis and lots of the things we drink not just energy drinks but coffee and of course pop.

this is where you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. because lest we forget caffeine is, of course, a drug. these symptoms include irritability of course headache and constipation.

so that’s 24 hours. however, after regular youth which most of us do within seven to twelve days, your body will have acclimated to that amount. if you’re drinking one you’re not gonna get the same feeling of energy and that high. you’re gonna have to drink more and more and more just like any other drug.

it will never be as good as the first one you drink unless you like to stop for years and come back to it or something. so this is why Red Bull while on its own isn’t that bad can become dangerous if you don’t know all these facts before you consume it.

it does have a significantly higher amount of caffeine the most drinks and it hits your bloodstream very quickly. but it also depletes just as quickly so the temptation is to just drink more and more and more.

however, your body can only filter out a certain level of caffeine and sugar long-term abuse can lead to liver and joint problems. and this can become even more a problem when paired with a depressant like alcohol. the feeling of the depressed with a stimulant can leave you with this kind of alert yet numb feeling and people will consume far more of the Red Bull than they normally would and this can lead to heart attacks and in some intense cases even death.

 that’s why researchers say that what a day it’s probably a good limit to set for yourself probably is important to note that. this isn’t the happiest and filled drink you can get on the market.

 I’ll be honest when I had my first coffee I felt my heart going it felt kind of like palpitations. so have you ever felt that fluttery feeling in your chest after drinking a caffeinated drink if so hit that share button and maybe go see a doctor.


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