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Logan Paul Slap Knocking Man Out In Viral Video

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what the hell you conscious Logan Paul slaps the life out of someone in a wild new video.

Alright recall Logan Paul had a change of heart last night and decided not to participate in the generation iron slap boxing tournament. Lolo said he would reveal the reason for this soon and now. we have it Logan posted a video of him during practice in which he slaps the life out of someone and fair warning it looks incredibly painful.

but okay apparently some fans think that the video is actually staged which is crazy well on mark donor’s podcast living large.

Logan discusses the situation saying it was so bad he later had a group meeting to decide to cancel his trip to Russia.

Logan and Mike revealed the man he slapped was concussed and was so out of it that he couldn’t even remember how he got to the maverick house or what he was doing Logan admits he felt horrible after slapping the man and is working to settle a payment fee for I guess surviving that insane hit.

weirdly enough Logan claims the guy was actually supposed to give him tips on how to improve his slapping after the first hit. but okay while the trip has been canceled Logan does claim that they’re still going to release a documentary on everything up to this head haunt.

hopefully we won’t because this whole slap fighting thing is insane.


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