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Instagram star faces controversy after sharing clicks with ‘curvy’ friend

An Instagram influencer says she was not invited to a press trip after posting an innocent photo with a friend

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Louise Aubery champions body positivity on her Instagram (Source: )

The life of an Instagram influencer is very different from ours.

an influencer is very different from our .swimming pools and throws at the fashion week. We send them all sorts of fabulous gifts and thousands of people hanging them up.

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But if all this may seem very glamorous, some drawbacks lead to it, as recently discovered a Instagrammer.

According to the French influence Louise Aubery, you have to be very careful about what you publish, because you can easily anger the brands and companies you work with – and all that it can take is a seemingly innocent photo

Aubery, 21, is online under the username @mybetter_self and has 242,000 subscribers.

She often shares body positivity hangs on his account, posing in lingerie and encourage people to love themselves.

However, she claims that a recent photo, in which she was standing with a friend holding a sign saying “all bodies are good bodies” has caused some controversy.

Berkeley University student says she was not invited to a press trip because of the photo and thinks it’s because her friend is a “curvy” woman

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She said: “The body of a woman is not here to ask for YOUR judgment, the body of a woman is not there to satisfy YOUR will.The only person a woman’s body needs to please she is herself. “

By the time she shared it, she had to go to the island of Oleron, an island

u off the west coast of France, with a group of influencers like her, for a “well-being” trip.

However, three days after uploading the image, Aubery was contacted by the travel agency, who told her she would not be able to attend.

The e-mail, written in French, translates as “Regarding your last Instagram messages, I am sorry to say that our client no longer wants you to be part of this trip. “

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The young woman was stunned by the decision.

She said, “The message has been published to help women feel good about themselves, for which I am fighting on social media.

“I realized that unfortunately for them and for many companies in France,” plus size “can not be associated with” well-being “.”

She added that this realization had made her “creaked”, so she shared her disgust with other influencers willing to attend the trip who all agreed to boycott him.

Aubery will continue to defend the reality of the body on his social networks, with his latest articles on curves and curves. stretch marks gathering more than 60,000 “likes” collectively.


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