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Surviving With Dad BOB! Six pack vs Fat belly survival tips

All kinds of people, both male and female dream of a perfect beach body, females dream of a flat stomach and a perfect curved body while us, the male’s dream of a body with all built up perfect muscle mass with a six-pack. But a lot of us never achieve that perfect body we just stay somewhere in the middle. If you are not a professional athlete or a person who is in the modeling business, actually a healthy body is enough.

A dad bod, as the name suggests a body which makes you look like a dad, is a common body type we see among men today. We are not talking about the excessively fat body, just bit round body with a bit of round belly. So some people worry about this too much and hit the gym and they change it to a fit and slim body. While others just go with the flow.

So is it that bad to have a dad bod? do we really need a well-shaped body to stand out in the society? I will tell you to do a small experiment, just go to the nearest gym and find out 5 guys with really built up bodies. Then start a conversation about day to day stuff. I’m sure you will find out they sound dumb in other stuff anything other than protein and supplements.

So actually our body type doesn’t matter when we go to the society. Appearance matters, it really does, but appearance means not just the body type. There is a lot other than that. So I am going to give you a few quick tips for you to survive better with your dad bod in your day to day life.

1. Do classy Fashion

Fashion is not only the way you dress but also the way you walk, talk and do other stuff. But here we will talk about the dress mostly. The way you dress tell many things about you. First, you should not be focusing on the latest fashion or expensive stuff. Just get something that matches your body and appearance. Shirts are better than t-shirts, long sleeved folded are better than short sleeved, shoes are better than slippers or sandals.  To be honest, the 1920s men’s full suit is far more classy than most of men’s fashion these days. When you dress be neat and classy. Wearing classy dresses will always make you stand out in any crowd. Even women like these classy men, not fancy boys.

2. Fix your movements.

first, don’t be lazy and dull looking, no matter which type of body you have, you have to be active. when you walk, walk steadily and actively. When you shake hands look them in the eye and give a good grip. Always keep your jaws tightly shut together and a sharp vigilant look in your eyes.

3. Have neat Hair and beard

Grow a beard and maintain it properly, not too long or not too short. Women love men with beards. Keep a moderate hair too. And comb it every time properly when you go out. Don’t do fancy or crazy styles with hair or beard. keep them clean and neat.

4. Speak wisely

no matter which type of body or how attractive you look, if you don’t talk properly it will all be in vain. There are some guys who look really great but once they start talking they sound super dumb and all that looks go away in a second. First men do not chatter like women. They talk sharply and limitedly. And listening is always compulsory. A wise man will never shout too. Keep these tips in your mind when you talk. A great speaker will attract more people than a bodybuilder does.

5. Have some good hobbies

Good hobbies will improve your knowledge and skills. Reading is a great hobby if you are a good reader eventually you will have good knowledge which will make you a good speaker too. Other hobbies include playing musical instruments, doing handicrafts, photography, etc. Always choose a hobby that will make you an expert on something. Even collecting stamps would be a good thing as you gain some sort of knowledge. These good hobbies will make you unique always. And always a unique person stands out in any crowd.

So hope these things will change your life a bit and help you to gain some confidence in yourself with your dad bod. Leave us a comment and share this article with your friends and dad bod buddies if you think this is interesting.


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