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Harry Potter in Pokémon Go style game

Harry Potter in Pokémon Go style game

They are calling out for all the hidden wizards…  A Pokemon GO inspired Harry Potter game is launching on this week and all the Harry Potter fans are super excited.

After the successful Launch of Pokemon GO this is the next franchise that is to be launched with AR treatment. With the announcement of this Harry Potter: Wizard Unite in 2017 Everybody has been waiting eagerly to experience this fantastic opportunity.

It is an undebatable fact that Niantic’s Pokemon Go is a worldwide success and is that record is breakable? Let’s see after the launch of this new Harry Potter Game in this week what will happened?

From the Tweets from official Harry Potter Wizards unite Tweeter, Friday, June 20 is named as the date this game will be released to US and UK. There’s news that there also will be a huge Wizards unite meeting as same as Pokemon GO Fest which was held after its launch.

Harry Potter in Pokémon Go style game

You must be curious what is the different of these two games other than the names…

Niantic had sent an Owl to us telling to prepare all the equipment and specially the broom in order to catch everything from Dementors to Acromantulas. (WOW!!!)  Furthermore, they say that Harry Potter Wizards Unite will combine creatures not only from Warner Bros.’ Harry Potter series but also from Fantastic Beasts

Harry Potter in Pokémon Go style game

As a wizard your mission will be to save your magical world from Muggles. That’s not all, as you ‘Potter’ around using your phone’s location service (Can’t use location spells around muggles, so) catching all the mythical creatures and expanding your collection it says that legendary potter characters are to be expected to pop up. (What???)

Yes, it seems that our Harry Potter obsession is not going to end sooner or later… So, I think with us around after launching this game wizarding world won’t have to worry about any threats coming from Muggles as we are here to protect.


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