But if you just want to get straight to the point and not waste time? How about 6 PRACTICAL and effective tips to seduce a man, capture his heart and keep it forever?

Here is a quick list with simple tips and tricks to seduce the man you like.

1.  Have confidence in yourself

Self-confidence is the keyword in seduction. If you do not trust yourself you will not be attractive. Learn to love yourself as you are, learn to see the seductress in you to attract men you like

6 Tips & Tricks To Seduce A Man, Capture His Heart And Keep It Forever!

2. Do not be too sure of yourself

Having confidence in yourself is important, but you must be reasonable and not be considered a pretentious woman. You must trust your qualities but do not brag about them. Stay modest so as not to scare off the men

3. Enjoy the moment

To put the odds on your side to seduce this man you like you must enjoy the moment. Do not waste your time wondering if what you are doing is good, if you have not said something stupid … enjoy the time you spend with this man you just like.

4. Be natural

If you just enjoy the moment you will be natural. And that’s how you are most likely to seduce a man: being yourself, with your qualities and flaws, without being perfect but being honest with yourself and with the man you like.

6 Tips & Tricks To Seduce A Man, Capture His Heart And Keep It Forever!

5. Do not play a role

Do not think of playing a role if you want to seduce a man! If this can work for the first time, you will not be able to get into a stable relationship by starting out like this. When he realizes your true personality and the lie you have developed from the beginning, he will leave you without regret. So do not play this little game.

6. Avoid making blunders

You must be yourself but if you know that there are certain aspects of your personality that can serve you, try to refrain yourself a little. You are always told that you speak too loudly, decrease the volume for example.

Try these tips and let us know what you tried!



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