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Blogger horrified after octopus SUCKS onto her face as she tries to eat it alive

horrified after octopus SUCKS
horrified after octopus SUCKS

A blogger ended up with a “disfigured face” after an octopus that tried to eat alive and sucked her face in a horrible video.

The woman, desperate in search of popularity for the blog “Little Seven Seaside Girl”, told her worshipers that she intended to eat the baby.

But in the clip that he put online, the octopus begins to suck his face.

He saw screams and tears as he desperately tried to pull the tentacles of his skin over the animal.

In the 50-second clip, shared on Kuaishou’s popular short video platform, you can listen to the woman for the first time and tell her fans to “watch how hard it is to suck” while trying to pull a tentacle out of her upper lip .

horrified after octopus SUCKS1
horrified after octopus SUCKS1

But the pain gets worse and the woman argues with the child.

“I can not take it off,” she says, crying.

When he finally does, he notices the small bloody wound on his cheek.

She shouts: “My face is disfigured.”

horrified after octopus SUCKS2
horrified after octopus SUCKS2

At the end of the clip, the presenter recalled her initial goal by shouting “I’ll eat it in the next video”.

An octopus usually uses its tentacles to catch a prey or defend against possible attacks.

He uses his long and strong arms to wrap the other animals and their offspring to cling tightly to his flesh.

horrified after octopus SUCKS 3
horrified after octopus SUCKS 3

A giant mature Pacific octopus has approximately 280 offshoots in each arm and each sucker contains thousands of chemical receptors.

But netizens have little sympathy for the blogger, said a native of Lianyungang, China.

horrified after octopus SUCKS 2
horrified after octopus SUCKS 2

“She deserves it, she tried to eat the octopus and the octopus tried to eat it too,” wrote one person.

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” wrote another.


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