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Us fat girls know we are fat. I wish y’all ugly girls know y’all ugly

Us ugly fat girls know we are fat. I wish y’all ugly girls would know y’all ugly Are you a person who judges others by his or her appearance or are you a person who is being judged by others all the time?

If you fall under the category number 01, then you are my dear, no offense but you are a But if you are in category number 02, then, I know it’s not gonna be easy, but you have to stop giving a damn.

It’s getting harder and harder to live among people and I totally get it.  Do you hear someone’s appreciating another human being? Do you hear someone genuinely saying how beautiful your dress is? So, don’t you think that you’d be happy to be alone rather than being with these shitty, double-faced people?

Normally, we get judged by being ugly fat girl, or not having a ‘slim body’ because the society we live, use the body shape of a girl as a measurement of beauty. So it basically means that if you don’t have this so-called well-shaped body, there’s a chance you might be neglected from the ‘society’.

But have you ever thought that how could a human being be that much vicious to another human being? For me, humanity is above all the other shitty things, which might be precious for you, as money, beauty, fame, etc. Yes, we need them to live but I don’t think any of that is above being a real human being. So, when you start to judge someone, take a minute and think, ‘Am I that much perfect?’

Do you really think the beauty matters if that person has the ability to judge another one based on the appearance? No right? So how this ‘beautiful creature’ says that the other one is ugly?

So, we really need to think about this concept of beauty in society. And this article for girls like me, who don’t fit into the accepted ‘beauty’ of the society. If you think that you need to be ‘that’ beautiful to be accepted by people, no hon, it’s not. Try to find people who care about your inner-beauty. That sounded so cliché right. But trust me. It’s the truth. Would you prefer to be with someone who looks incredibly hot but an asshole or someone who is humane yet looks ordinary? If you have a doubt, go for the latter one because you will never ever regret about your choice.

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