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Toddler quotes : They don’t hear you call…

Sometimes as parents we look at our children and can’t believe that we’ve created something so precious and so incredibly beautiful. We watch them sleep and listen to their soft breaths. Then thank the universe that we have the opportunity to be responsible for them. Other times we would just kill to have five minutes alone where we can just enjoy our snack and not have to share it and find ourselves longing for those times before the children and when we could eat the chips in peace. (toddler quotes)

Another frustration is the fact that no matter how many times you seem to call your child’s name they never seem to answer. They seem to have this setting where they can just shut off any auditory response to their own name. If they don’t feel like responding, their brains just tell them that they don’t have to, and this effect is especially magnified in all children under the age of 5.

They also don’t seem to react to things. In a way that makes any logical sense to anybody who is grown. And this lack of logic then seems to trickle into our own brains. It can make us question whether or not we are in fact the ones who are crazy or the ones who are not responding the way we ought to. children have this hypnotic and mesmerizing power to make confident and grown adults question the very root of their own sanity. And they do this without the slightest knowledge that they possess this ability.

Where exactly do these abilities come from? Why do they wear off as we get older? Children are among the sweetest and most infuriating Mysteries that exist in the world today. However, we know that no matter what they do and how they act, at the end of the day we are still going to love them and send pictures of them doing the things that we know we should tell them not to simply because we think it is cute. Kids will always keep you on your toes and there will never be a moment where you can safely think that things can’t get any weirder or any worse than they are, because at that point you’re almost inviting in even more chaos. (toddler quotes)


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