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My Adoptive Parents Sacrificed Me To Their Real Daughter!

Hi, my name is Sophie, I am 17 years old. I am telling you this story in order to talk to somebody, hoping that this way, I will feel better. Not very long ago, my life was ruined because of my parents. Huh, I am sure that many of you think you could have said the same thing, but my story is a little bit more complicated. The people that crushed my dreams are not related to me. They are my ADOPTIVE parents.

It all started on my birthday the very very first! I started at the parking lot near the back entry to a big city hospital. As the video security camera shot it, it was a tall and slender figure, tightly covered in a hooded cloak who brought me there.

After that my life as a wanderer began, and it lasted for as long as 14 years. In fact, there are many kids like me, but, as with every kid who’s always missed out on parental love, I thought that I was the most unhappy of them all, or maybe, the biggest loser. It just happened that none of my foster parents wanted to take full guardianship of me.

I think that in fourteen years I changed six foster families. Some of them wanted to just help a kid who had found themselves in a difficult situation, and at least for some time, some of them were really thinking of adopting me, but had to abandon these plans due to some life circumstances.

Anyway, I changed so many guardians that I learned to avoid any emotional attachment to them.

Even though deep inside my heart I wanted to hope that somebody would finally come and become my real parent. And then Mr. and Mrs. Simmons appeared in my life. They are a very likable couple in their 40s, and they were interested in adopting me.

The Simmons owned some small legal services agency, they were neither rich nor poor, they lived in a big, spacious and beautiful house, and they also had their own daughter Gin, who was almost my age. Don’t you agree that all of this sounds like a fairy tale?! I could have a real family, a real house, and even a sister who could have become my best friend…

What a pity that reality rarely fulfills our dreams.

The first 3 years of my life with this family were more or less normal. I had my own room, I did not really need anything, but I did not have any emotional ties with Mr. and Mrs. Simmons. They turned out to be very calm and even indifferent people.

They paid a lot of attention to their work and their house, but were not at all interested forming a deeper relationship with me, or understanding my emotions and feelings.

As a result, the Simmons did not even know that I had a Great Dream until it was too late. You see, I had decided quite a while ago which profession I wanted to choose. I think I was 11 years old at the time when one of my foster parents bought me my first smartphone with a decent camera. From that my passion for photography grew.

My love for photography was not limited to selfies or an Instagram profile, for me it was an art.

I was dreaming that I would become a professional photographer, But in order for my dreams to come true, I had to not only polish my professional skills but I also had to study a lot. And I choose a perfect college for myself. This college is very mod, very prestigious and very… expensive. It was a private college, and there were no quotas for kids like me, so I had to have the best grades to get in there.

And believe me, I tried very hard! I fought furiously for every grade I got at school, like a lioness, I made a perfect collection of my work for my portfolio, and I worked toward my dream with all my strength. And… I did not get good enough grades for the scholarship.

But the admission office liked my portfolio very much, so they were happy to admit me!.. As soon as my parents paid for the first semester. And I had to ask for the Simmons help.” Mr. and Mrs. Simmons called for a family meeting, and there the most interesting thing was revealed. Gin was finishing school at the same time that I was and was also applying to college – medical school. And it turned out that her grades did not qualify her for a scholarship either. I knew nothing about this because Gin and I barely talked. But the Simmons, of course, knew everything about their daughter. And they had an answer for me well in advance. My foster parents declared that they could not pay for college for both Gin and me, therefore they would stick to moral and rational reasons. And they explained that a doctor is a socially important, prestigious, and well paid profession, and Gin choose her occupation wisely.

The Simmons told me that if I was dreaming about a beautiful and reckless art society life, then I had to get there without any help, and all the rest was just spending money, which they didn’t really have a lot of. So, they agreed to pay for college for Gin, and I had to either win a scholarship or go to work in order to pay tuition. I was shocked by their reaction. I tried to explain to the Simmons how important it was for me, I almost BEGGED them to give me the money – it was possibly the only chance I had in my life! But Mr. and Mrs. Simmons were adamant about their decision. You know, I didn’t believe a single word they said! I was totally sure that if I was their real daughter, and Gin wasn’t, that they would have paid for my education in any field. And they simply sacrificed my dream for the good of their own child.

But I won’t give up! I will soon turn eighteen and I will leave this house, that still hasn’t become a home to me, in order to succeed by myself.  As you’ve heard, it’s not just your biological parents, but also your adoptive parents that can be terrible. Please like my story to support me and tell us in the comments what you think about what the Simmons have done.



  1. I love the passion that you have for photography and your determination is it going to take you far. Sounds like you’re a very amazing woman and those people lost out I’m a good relationship with you. I know you’re probably frustrated and irritated the whole situation, but cut your losses move on and one day you will find that love that you’re longing for. You still have a whole life to live don’t give up… don’t let people like mr. And mrs. Simmons let you become bitter. Don’t Harden your heart people that aren’t worth it. I wish you the best of luck and you just keep pushing forward.???❤????????

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