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Why Do Men Need To Go Elsewhere?

Why are they never sincere in their words?

Although we do not want to do too many generalizations, it happens that by dint of bad encounters and relationships ending badly generalities appear to us as obvious. It seems to you that all men need to go elsewhere because there is only one who did not deceive you?

And among your ex, no one ever seems to have been really sincere with you? So you can rightly ask why men are never sincere in their words.

But deep inside you know that you can not put all men in the same basket, that only those with whom you came out are like that. So you have to find out why the men you come out with are wrong, why they are not sincere in their comments.

Why do they need to go elsewhere?

The twists are shared, but that does not mean that you should not ask yourself questions. What drives men to go elsewhere? The lack of love between you, obviously, is a good reason. And against this cause you can not do much. Try to be there for him, cherish him while giving him enough space to breathe. Try to be yourself and be the woman he loves … Seduce him again and again. Here are your weapons against this fatal reason that he might have to deceive you.

One of the major reasons that can drive a man to fool you is that he does not find what he is looking for in your relationship, that he is experiencing sexual frustration. The causes can be multiple: you do not make enough love to his taste, these moments are not moments of intimacy and tenderness as he would like, you never innovate when you are in bed and it becomes Routine … It is to fight against all this that you must be aware that making love to your man is a moment of sharing, of pleasure for both, where everyone must feel free. You need to build a climate of trust between you so that you can share everything at that level, try new things together, realize the fantasies of both without fear.

Likewise, if he no longer feels like you want him as much as before, if he feels like he’s no longer as attractive as at the beginning of your relationship, he may go looking for evidence of its seductive potential by going elsewhere. To avoid these situations, the most important thing is that you constantly try to avoid the routine in your relationship, that you always want to seduce your man, even after years of life together.

Why are not they sincere?

Again, remember that twists are shared. Nevertheless, you may be the cause of a lack of sincerity. All men do not take pleasure in not being sincere, some are really reluctant and do this to prevent you from suffering too much, without thinking of the pain you will have when you learn it later.

Why would they do that?

Because a man who wonders about his feelings for you does not necessarily want to tell you right now, sometimes it is better to think of these things quietly on his side. He may not be talking to you right now about his change of heart because he knows you’re going through a difficult time in your life and he does not want to add a layer before you’re minimum discount.

All men are not bad.

But it is true that some have an unfortunate tendency not to be sincere, and that it is like second nature to them. For those there is no real explanation or solutions. If for some it is fear of commitment that drives them to not be sincere, others will simply be out of habit. For these, apart from being patient you do not have much solution to make them change. You will have to take on yourself and judge if you hold that man enough to endure this until he changes.

If you realize that the man you are with is like that, the best solution for you is to leave him. Otherwise you risk suffering often and strongly. Remember that sincerity and trust are essential for a couple to last. Even if it is difficult, you must learn to leave a man when you feel that the situation becomes dangerous for you.


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