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If you cheat on someone, you really do not Love Them

Sounds harsh right? But it is true

I do not care if people make mistakes. I do not care if we are “all human”. “Cheating is not a mistake you make when you really love someone.

It’s hard to understand how cheating people say they still like the person they cheated with. Cheating at all means that your heart is not entirely dedicated to just one person. It means that your emotions are always wandering; Otherwise, why would another person cheat?

Once, I went with a guy who was flirting with other girls. So yes, I have some experience in this area. Even if it was not a sexual trap, flirting with other girls always counts as an emotional trap.

It really bothers me to know how someone can say that he loves someone in his face, then he goes to them and does something that would hurt them. Why would you do this to the person you’re supposed to care for? For me, cheating is the most unpleasant and hurtful thing.

Some say it is because they are not completely satisfied with their relationships. But hey, connect or flirt with other people simply because your relationship does not do it for you. Instead, “speak!” I admit that it is not easy to discuss these things immediately. But if you take the time to plan what you want to say and correct it, your relationship will improve. And some give much more trenchant, humiliating and insulting excuses, such as: “I had to wander and experiment with someone else to realize that I really wanted to be with my partner.” Honestly, if you have questions about whether you are with the right person and if you want a space for reflection, tell them and take a break for a while.

“Just make sure” that you are doing the right thing. Cheating as a couple is a multi-level error.

If you are attracted to someone else while you are in a relationship, you should sit back and decide to sue that particular person or stay in the existing relationship. If you decide to sue this person, leave the current relationship first. Also, it is wise to remember that if you really liked the person you are dating, it is very unlikely that you will feel the need to choose someone else. In this type of situation, my recommendation is to leave. I know it sounds difficult, but the person you’re dating does not deserve to be cheated.

Finally, remember this, even if the person you are cheating with never learns, it will be something that you will have to carry with you, a feeling of guilt that will accompany you throughout the rest of the relationship.


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