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The Hospital Window (Short story)

If You Want To Be Happy Make Others Happy

The Hospital Window

Two men shared a hospital room with just one window. One man was paralyzed and he was lying on the bed all day, the other one who was by the window was allowed to sit on the bed for one hour as it was needed for him to aid his breathing.

The two men started talking and became good friends quickly. As the days passed by their conversations grew deeper and longer, talking about their marriage, jobs and about the times they had before their illnesses. The paralyzed man could never see his friend properly as he was unable to move. But he knew his friend was sitting near the window and he felt sad as he couldn’t see outside. When he told about this to his friend, his friend started to describe everything which could be seen outside the window every day.

As the man by the window described, the window shared a beautiful view of a park, where children, adults, and birds were full. Children played and ran everywhere in the park while the romantic lovers walked in the green grass. Birds were chirping cheerfully and everything was colorful. The paralyzed man imagined all these descriptions in his head and thought of the colorful world outside. Which made him happy and smile. A spark of joy jumped into him every time his friend described the beautiful outside world. They both were very happy.

Time went on and in one morning the man by the window was found dead in his sleep. The nurses took him away and the paralyzed man felt a tremendous loss. He was really sad about his friend. He remembered about the window and the beautiful view and he wanted to see it. So he asked the nurses to shift him to the bed near the window. After he was shifted he took a huge effort and turned towards the window for the first time hoping to see the park.

But there was only a blank hospital wall.

He was confused and sad. He couldn’t understand why his friend lied to him about all this long about a park which was never there. Once the nurse returned to him for the treatments he told about what his friend said about the view of the window.

“He could have never seen outside the window” the nurse said.

“But why?” the Paralyzed man asked.

“Because he was blind” the nurse replied.


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