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Dad steals daughter’s cookie money to pay for erotic massage


This dad has stolen $740 and staged a home invasion robbery to cover up his theft.

Parents love their children and always do the best for them. But sometimes we hear some bad stories here and there where parents forget their responsibilities and act totally irresponsible.

Well, this story is weird and sad. A man who lives in Oregon has admitted that he stole his daughter’s Girl Scout cookie money to pay for an erotic massage.

Brian Couture, 40 was pleaded guilty for initiating a false report. He was fined $100, put on probation and was given 80 hours of community service. He will have to refund what he stole, as said by the Washington County district attorney’s office.

Back in March, 911 got a call from Couture, who lives in Frost grove to report a breaking and entering. He stated that he fought the guy who entered the house before fleeing.

After investigation, police found a home was trashed and some blood. Couture said to the police that the thief stole $740 from his daughter’s Girl Scout cookie money from a jar.

But later after the investigation, there were mismatching parts in the Couture’s story. And the cookie caper was also crumbled as the DA’s statement said.

“Couture admitted to the police that he stole $740 from his daughter to pay for an erotic massage and faked the robbery after he realized he doesn’t have a clear explanation for the stolen money.” The DA’s statement stated.

The girl scouts said that they are working with prosecutors to get the money back.

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