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Bear takes a nap in the women’s toilet in a café

Funny and sort of terrible thing has happened at a hotel in Montana when a Black bear was found chilling at the women’s bathroom. Guests and staff at the hotel were shocked to face this incident.

In this video which was shared by Buck’s t-4 lodge in Big sky Montana, hotel staff were amazed to see this young bear roaming inside the bathroom as it is familiar with the surrounding.

According to the people who worked in the café, this bear was removed from Gallatin Canyon by the wildlife officials, to be released later.

As David O’Connor, general manager and the co-owner of the café said to the CNN

“we heard some strange sounds in the lobby, as we think this bear had found a window which was open enough to crawl through to the ladies bathroom by the lobby. But the window was too high so it couldn’t go back. He was really comfortable there . So he just slept on top on a counter which was cool enough

When we found the bear in this manner in the bathroom we contacted the wildlife officials. They tranquilized the bear and checked it’s vitals and did some basic medical checks to make sure nothing bad has happened. Then they transported him”

Since the lodge is located near to Yellowstone National Park , these type of encounters are not a big surprise, he said further. Then he added that “Bear encounters should be taken as a special case since we should consider about the safety too”

According to Montana wildlife officials , Montana has a considerable amount of grizzly and black bears which are increasingly active in the fall months seeking food before the dining season

They also warned that there has been a huge number of reports about the bear activity in the region , and that when the bears become unnaturally comfortable around the people they induce a risk to the public safety


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