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An “island” of plastic off Corsica? Floating waste filmed by Greenpeace confirms its existence

EVIDENCE – The alarm was sounded at the end of May concerning the presence of a detritus island several kilometers long between Corsica and the island of Elba, without the phenomenon could be spotted by plane or by satellite. But a video published by the famous environmental protection NGO puts an end to doubts.

This is the first proof, in pictures, of its existence since the alarm was sounded at the end of May. Three weeks after the announcement of the discovery of an “island” of plastic waste several kilometers between Corsica and the island of Elba, a video posted by Greenpeace Italy gives an overview of the situation. As a reminder, after the publication of an article by France Bleu Haute-Corse on May 21, devoted to this agglutination of garbage in the Mediterranean, neither the overflight of the area by a reconnaissance aircraft dispatched by the maritime prefecture nor the analysis of satellite images had not illustrated the phenomenon.

Nothing very surprising according to the precisions collected at the time by LCI from specialists, the presence of the phenomenon being observable recurrently, but fluctuating due to strong sea currents in the area.

A team from the well-known environmental protection organization, who visited the site, was able to observe this pollution. In the video posted on Youtube on June 5 and spotted by our colleagues from Corsica Matin, we observe the plasticized evidence floating on the surface of the water, such as bottles, bags, cups or polystyrene boxes usually used for fishing.

Evoking “packaging supposed to be used a few minutes, but which remain at sea several decades”, the NGO ensures that “more than an island, it is a real soup” which was formed between Corsica, the island of Elba, and that of Capraia.


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