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A 7-year-old boy wins the ASPCA award for saving more than 1,300 dogs.

It is quite obvious that children have an innocent spirit and care about animals because of their sensitivity to life. Therefore, they like to keep each puppy and kitten when they see in everyday life. This 7-year-old child is recognized by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). This boy, named Roman McConn of Augusta, has helped 1,300 dogs since the age of four.

He did not ask his family and friends to give him gifts for his fourth birthday, but to give money to his favorite animal. Every mother wants to help her son when he focuses on good things. As a result, Roman’s mother, Jennifer, helped him save the dogs. That’s why it was a family goal. That’s why they transported 31 dogs from a shelter to Texas to Washington, where they helped the dogs find the best houses.

“He’s unique, he’s very empathetic and compassionate and he’s like a fireball, so he has a lot to do,” Jennifer explained.

According to Roman, he considers that it is the best opportunity for animals to present their personality. Her mother turns a video of Roman playing with shelter dogs and posts them on Facebook. According to the little things, after watching the videos, people could understand that dogs do not pose a risk to children.

“She posted it on Facebook so people could see it,” Roman explained. “I think that for the dogs that I know, it is very important that I give them the best opportunity to find the right home for them.”

“My friends say it’s great that I do it for what I do, they say it’s really cool and some of my friends even say they want to help,” Roman explained.

“Maybe if you slow down and listen to your children to watch, you can learn a lot, I think.” Roman teaches us every day to be better, “Jennifer said.


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